God's Emotional Week

Holy Week 2014

There are 52 weeks every year. Each one is important and not a single one should be wasted. Have you every stopped to consider how many weeks have occurred in the history of the world?  However, there is one week that changed our world forever, Holy Week! On the Christian calendar Holy Week is the last week of Lent, beginning on Palm Sunday and ending at dawn on Easter. It is the week the church remembers the final days of Jesus’ earthly ministry. It recalls the expectations of Palm Sunday, the rejection of Maundy Thursday, the devastation of Good Friday and the final victory of Easter morning.

Mark Twain once said, “Any emotion, if it is sincere, is involuntary.”  This year I want to look at the role emotions played during Holy Week. The main characters in the story were on an emotional roller coaster. It began with the excitement of Palm Sunday and ended with the overwhelming joy of Easter. Between those two days came the questions that accompanied Maundy Thursday and the devastation of Good Friday. Emotions did play a part in that week and should never be dismissed.

Below you will find my tentative preaching schedule for Holy Week. This year we will spend time looking at John’s version of those sacred days. His words are both timeless and inspiring. I would encourage you to take time to study each passage before hearing the message. May God be with you as we begin this pilgrimage together.

In His Service,

Russ Adams

 Sunday, April 13  Excited on Palm Sunday!  John 12:12-19  pdf  
 Friday, April 18  Devastated on Good Friday!  John 19:38-42  pdf
 Sunday, April 20  Overwhelmed on Easter!  Matthew 28:1-10  pdf

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