Authentic Christianity

Epistle of James

The winter of 2014 offers us a unique opportunity. This year, Easter falls on April 20, which means Ash Wednesday is March 5. Those late dates create a nine-week period between Christmas and Lent. I want to take this opportunity to preach an eight week sermon series call Authentic Christianity.  In this series, we will look at one of the most practical pieces of scripture in the Bible, the epistle of James. The author emphasizes for us true authentic Christianity, characterized by good deeds and solid theology. That combination means it has a great deal to say to our generation.

  It is important that you know certain facts about this epistle. Written in the early 60s, the author identifies himself as James. Like today, James was a common name in Jesus’ day. There are four New Testament characters by the name of James, but only one could have been the author of this letter. This James was the half-brother of Jesus, who led the early church in Jerusalem. (Acts 15) The Bible tells us his faith was not stagnant. Through the years it evolved. At first, he did not believe in Jesus. As a matter of fact, in John 7:2-5, he even challenged Jesus’ authority. However, at some point, he accepted the fact that Jesus was the long-awaited Messiah, and today is remembered as one of the true leaders of the church. He was respected by his generation for his spiritual maturity. In Galatians 2:9, Paul called him a ‘pillar of the church’.

 I hope you take this opportunity to examine James with me. My preaching schedule is listed below. Manuscripts are available upon request, or can be read on the church’s website. It is important that you read and study the scripture ahead of time. Good preaching requires a prepared speaker and listener. May God bless you as we begin this study together.

In His Service,  Russ Adams

 January 19  Authentic Christianity Perseveres  James 1:1-18   pdf  
 January 26  Authentic Christianity Loves  James 2:1-13   pdf
 February 2  Authentic Christianity Risks  James 2:14-26   pdf
 February 9  Authentic Christianity Sacrifices  James 2:14-26   pdf
 February 16  Authentic Christianity Acts  James 2:14-26, Matt 25:31-41   pdf
 February 23  Authentic Christianity Speaks  James 3:1-12   pdf
 March 2  Authentic Christianity Lasts  James 5:7-11, Psalm 90   pdf

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