God's Financial Plan

How comfortable are you handling your personal finances? I wouldn’t be surprised if you answered, “Not very.” After all, life is expensive and there never seems to be enough money. Just take an inventory of your expenses. Each one of us expects to live at a certain standard of living. Each one of us must pay for daily expenses. Each one of us would like to take an occasional family vacation. Parents are challenged by the cost of higher education and everyone would like to retire someday. The reason many aren’t comfortable handling their personal finances is because there is never seems to be enough money. We only spend money on things that are important to us. It is a question of priority.

No one can question the priority of the widow in Luke 21:1-4.  Jesus tells us she gave to the temple out of her poverty. Can people question your priorities? Years ago, the church would publish what everyone gave to the church during that fiscal year - how would you feel about reinstating that old practice? Most people would be upset. Would you be upset because finances are a private matter between you and God? Or would you be upset because you would be embarrassed at the tiny amount you gave to the church? Jesus spoke more about money than any other topic, because he knew that how we handle our personal finances reveals a great deal about our spiritual maturity. We could eliminate all the fundraising at Western Reserve if we did the one thing God expects - tithe!

Beginning on November 10, I begin a new two-part sermon series, God’s Financial Plan. We are going to look at six Biblical principles about handling your personal finances. The story of the widow’s offering will act as a back drop for both messages. My goal is not to fund the church for another year. My goal is to help you feel more comfortable as you handle your personal finances.


                                    November 10, 2013

                God’s Financial Plan                  Luke 21:1-4             pdf

                                    November 17

                More of God’s Financial Plan     Luke 21:1-4             pdf